• Good food from good malt.

*MaltBar is the only product in the US using locally sourced and processed UNSPENT malt, meaning our ingredients are NOT byproduct from the brewing or distilling process. Unspent Malt means your animal gets the full, profound nutritional benefits.

Introducing MaltBar!

Benefits, Ingredients, and nutritional data

Simple ingredients, profoundly good nutrition!

Benefits of malted barley: Not raw, not cooked, but modified…

• Nutritionally viable, lab-validated ingredients
• More easily accessible energy - the malting process converts complex carbs into rapidly assimilated simple sugars and proteins
• Increased naturally occurring enzymes aid in efficient digestion of grain and prebiotic fiber helps promote gut health
• Elevated antioxidant content helps reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage
• Mood enhancing - malt-specific protein hordenine engages "reward center" of brain making MaltBar an outstanding positive reinforcement training tool!

Ingredients: malted barley, malted barley rootlets, malted barley extract, canola oil, salt, baking soda

Crude protein:11%, Crude fat:6%, Crude fiber:6%, Moisture:10%, Ash:1.8%

Digestible Energy: 3400kCal/KG, 40kCal/Treat

What do the horses think?

Using the entire grain to achieve complete nutrition.

A Better Process for Better Grains

Any brewer can attest that you need excellent malts to make great beer – proper conversion of starches in the grain into more accessible forms of energy and elevated levels of enzymatic activity are the foundation of good fermentation. These same properties in well-malted barley that make yeast so happy in the beer brewing process also make malts an unparalleled energy source for horses…

"I use a lot of positive reinforcement training techniques and was
awesome to see the horses put in extra effort to earn a MaltBar cookie!
They were so motivated, and I didn't have a single horse turn it down."

Helen Adams, Liberty Trainer and Saddler, Laurinberg, NC

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A bit about packaging…

We are very excited to have found a durable, reusable and recyclable packaging solution for our 12oz sized container. Independent Can Co. makes these neat tins domestically, right here on the east coast. We’re glad to have a great looking and more sustainable option for our product, plus we love the boxes they ship in:

We're local, too

Sourced in the region, malted in the region, pressed in the region, packaged, then snacked in the region. Explore more of the Epiphany Craft Malt Blog to learn about the grain growers our malts are sourced from – not only does MaltBar deliver excellent nutrition for your horse, it also keeps more dollars circulating in the Southeastern grain producing community.

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